GATORS IN THE SAWGRASS is a country music string band ensemble of dedicated musicians based out of Gulfport, Florida. While each of the Gators is inspired by a multitude of genres, ranging from punk to classical, their mutual love of bluegrass has drawn them together. The Gators have one mission, to bring music lovers together and make them dance. So, when you hear a faint "Gators, assemble" in the distance at a show... prepare yourself for a great time.


Support Live Music 

Hey Folks,

Thank yall for kindly dropping in to see us we sure are glad to have you and well it's exactly a month away until we hit the road so we couldn't be more excited about jumping on our bus and coming to party in a town near you. 

We will be touring twice this year and we want to hear from yall, so please check out our website, our facebook page and let us know where yall want us to bring the party to or where the party is in your town? We want to see your faces and really want to play our music to all yall.

We are so excited about everything that is going on this year we surely do not want to miss out on hanging out with our friends/family/fans and spreading the word we have to tell in ur songs.

So come on out to a show and Support Live Music cause we sure do love yall for it. 
See Yall soon ! 

2014 "Let Him Ride", album release and Spring/Us Tours Information  

2014 is off to a great start and we want to thank you everyone for all the support and don't forget to join our mailing list before you leave this site and yall come back now ya hear ! 

We're so excited to have our first full length album "Let Him Ride" as we are looking forward to hitting the road to bring these songs to every town across the US this year. 

Our Band Manager has been so busy ordering merch, booking shows, promoting our music working along with the band itself to get ready for the 2014 Spring Tour Coming up in May. So glad to be playing The Great American Honky Tonk Tent Revival in Summerville, Ga (check our Shows page for details).

We want to encourage you all to visit our Facebook Page:   https://www.facebook.com/GatorsInTheSawgrass
As well as our Reverbnation Site:   https://www.reverbnation.com/gatorsinthesawgrass
 to preview our album
Leave us comments on where you want Gators in the Sawgrass to come visit on our tours
Afterall that is what tours are all about, seeing our fans! So please let us know where you are.

We plan to hit the road May 12th and since many of the stops are in the works make sure to check back frequently for dates and venues. Be on the look out for our other releases this year because we're planning on recording a live album and an EP as well to give our friends every opportunity to bring us home and sing along to all your favorite songs.

Our second tour will begin July 21 very happy that we will be going all over the US 
We have merch available online for those of you who cannot make it to a show However we want to see you all out there we are excited about seeing our current friends and make many new ones!
See yall on down the road.





Orlando, FL





Tampa Bay, FL





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